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Primitivo di Ottobre
The process for the production of Primitivo di Ottobre
Aloe is Life has developed innovative integration techniques, integrating extracts of olive and aloe leaves in October harvested extra virgin olive oil, high in poliphenol content (first innovation). Subsequently another oil is obtained by processing the production residues which contains all the active ingredients present in the leaves and fibers (second innovation).

Phase 1

Production of cold-pressed olive oil.

Phase 2

Extraction of active ingredients from the leaves of olive and aloe: the residual fibrous parts will then be processed in Step 5.
Phase 3
Integration in the oil (Phase 1) with Active Ingredients extracted from the Phase 2
obtaining oil Primary / Active Ingredients.

Phase 4
Gathering of the fibrous residue.
Phase 5

Two processes in which the fibrous residues are transformed in liquid state (secondary oil/fiber).
Phase 6

Blending of the primary oil with the secondary oil high in concentration of active principles derived from the fiber residues.
Primitivo di Ottobre
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