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Primitivo di Ottobre
Extra virgin olive oil with high poliphenol
Main source of polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamin E and therefore highly alkalizing, able to lower the acidity  level of the organism and high in antioxidant properties. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil is defined by several specific elements such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, tocopherols.
Olive leaves
The bibliography of analysis performed on extracts of olive leaves confirm that these are parts with high contents of beneficial substances. In fact, they contain antioxidant ingredients such as elenolic acids, hydroxytyrosol and oleuroleina, high in detoxifying and diuretic properties. These substances facilitate tissue oxygenation, microcirculation, detoxification and lowers the state of acidosis, and are therefore mainly used against all kinds of inflammation.

Aloe plants leaves
Aloe has been known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties, and because it contains active ingredients with healing action, natural antibiotics, vitamins and trace elements; Moreover, it is also an adaptogen because it acts where it is most needed  in the body, rebalancing and normalizing.
Primitivo di Ottobre
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